Barber Haircut

$50 - $75
Classic and modern barber-style haircuts, tailored to your unique personality.

Style choices are everything. We can help.

Love your Color

Whether it's grey-blending, subtle highlights, or a whole new look, we partner with the best color lines to bring you every possibility.

Love the Details

One of the most important details in your haircut is the hairline at your nape. Did you know that most men have never even been given an option on how theirs could look? A natural hairline will grow in better, is often cleaner and neater for a longer period of time, and is considered the mark of an expensive haircut.

Love your Texture

An ongoing design element in many men's haircuts, texture plays a significant role in making a cut appear visually interesting and touchable. Texture is an effective way to send a carefree message: I'm fun; I'm a little dangerous; and I don't take myself too seriously!