Dana Smith

Senior Stylist

Meet Dana, the HBIC of hair, hailing from Detroit. Dana trained at the prestigious Paul Mitchell. With a love for Caribou's turtle coffee and Reese Cups, Dana is able to tackle any style her client’s want. Inspired by Storm from X-Men, Dana's style is as fierce and powerful as her personality. She jams out to Clubhouse rooms on her way to work, ready to tackle any challenge that comes her way. With her favorite movie being Lion King, its no wonder she sees herself as a lioness. Dana appreciates every day in the hair business. Her values lie in striving to be the best she can be, always setting and achieving new goals. Self-care might be a foreign concept to Dana, but she knows how to keep things light with her sense of humor. Dana embraces every opportunity to laugh and learn.

"Trying is failing if you don't succeed.”

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