Perry Steele

Master Stylist

Introducing Perry A. Steele, a master of short haircuts and a force of creativity from Baltimore, Maryland. A proud Aquarius, Perry's pronouns are he/him, but he honestly doesn't care much about labels. His journey began at the Ron Thomas School of Cosmetology in Essex, Maryland, which, amusingly, closed due to fraud charges. Specializing in short styles, Perry draws inspiration from the legendary McQueen and finds joy in classic films like "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Fueling his creativity with Reese's peanut butter cups and a coffee preference of cream and sugar, Perry's drive to work is accompanied by the beats of BPM. Beyond the salon, Perry's hobbies span from knitting and sewing to carpentry and holiday lighting designs. One of his proudest career moments was receiving the Theatre Project Honors Award for his design and execution in the New York Fringe Festival. Passionate about honesty and education, Perry values integrity in all he does. For self-care, he cherishes alone time, pedicures, and the soothing scent of vanilla candles. Choosing Helmet as his hair home was a serendipitous encounter with Randy, leading to a 20-year journey of finding his chosen family. A hidden talent of Perry's is his ability to accept people for who they are, on their own terms. And if Perry were an animal, he'd be a chihuahua: short, fiercely loyal, protective, and maybe just a tad bit sassy.

"Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end." - Leonard Nimoy

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