Sunnie Craven

Senior Stylist

Meet Sunnie, your resident Taurus hairstylist, here to sprinkle a little magic and a whole lot of style into your hair journey. My journey in the world of hair began at the Aveda Institute, where I honed my skills and discovered my love for transforming locks into works of art. Specializing in balayage and fantasy colors, I'm your go-to gal for those dreamy, Pinterest-worthy hues that'll have heads turning wherever you go. And whether you're channeling your inner mermaid with ocean blues or embracing your fiery side with vibrant reds, I'll make sure your hair dreams become a stunning reality. When I'm not busy painting hair canvases, you'll find me indulging in life's simple pleasures. Picture me sipping on coffee with a generous splash of creamer (because let's be real, it's basically a hug in a mug), obsessing over Nerds gummy clusters, and soaking up the serene silence on my drive to work. But it's not all about the hair, darling. Outside the salon, you'll find me soaking away the stress of the day in a hot bath, catching up on much-needed sleep, or immersing myself in the enchanting scents of a honeysuckle candle. One of the highlights of my career? Meeting the legendary Nick Arrojo, a moment that fueled my passion for hair and left me feeling inspired to push the boundaries of creativity even further. And speaking of inspiration, why did I choose Helmet as my hair home? Simple: the vibe, the location, and the commitment to continued education.

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