Alan Zubay

Senior Stylist

Meet Alan Zubay, the Capricorn hairstyling guru straight outta ATL! With a coffee addiction so strong, it could power a rocket, Alan's got the magic touch when it comes to short cuts. He channels his inner rebel with a nod to style icon Mike Ness. On his daily drive to HELMET HQ, he's jamming out to SilverSun Pickups, Of Monsters and Men, and Social Distortion. His secret weapon? Bumble Sumo Clay is his go-to for crafting those killer looks. Outside of the salon, you catch Alan finding his zen in a yoga class or indulging in some '80s movie/music trivia (seriously, don't challenge him). What made him choose Helmet? The awesome vibe and the freedom to be his true, quirky self!

"If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid" - Epictetus

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