Matty Beal

Core Stylist

Meet Matty Beal, the Scorpio hair wizard from Albany, GA, with a flair for the fabulous! A Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta alum, Matty's specialty is creating vivid hair moments that are as sweet as his dessert-like coffee. His style icons? Think Fairuza Balk’s Nancy from The Craft meets Baby Spice. Movie nights are all about Spice World, with Reese's in hand, of course.

Matty's car rides are a wild mix of hardcore Drum and Bass or deep dives into the Red Handed true crime podcast. He's a master of the scalp exfoliator and a DJ/upcycling enthusiast. Career highlight? Shampooing Regina George herself! Passionate about making clients feel safe to express themselves, Matty’s all about those intense, self-expressive vibes.

Self-care for Matty is a delightful blend of tequila, candles, bubble baths, and Charmed reruns. His favorite candle scents are a toss-up between cucumber melon and fresh laundry. Drawn to Helmet Hair Home for its timeless charm, Matty lives by Thoreau's words: “Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist.” With a hidden talent for standing back handsprings and a spirit akin to an anxious Chihuahua, Matty is here to sprinkle a bit of magic and whimsy into every hair adventure!

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