Rain Hickson

Senior Stylist
Meet Rain proudly navigating life as a Capriquarian. Originally from the cosmos, with roots in Tampa and Atlanta, Rain found their calling first as an apprentice at Helmet Specializing in low-maintenance hair, Rain embraces the natural beauty of their clients' locks, crafting effortless styles that reflect their individuality. Inspired by the ever-evolving style of David Bowie, Rain's own fashion journey has shifted from wild and unique to minimalistic comfort, with a lingering desire to rock a Bette Porter power suit. When not behind the chair, Rain indulges in a single nightly Hi-Chew and an eclectic mix of music, ranging from NPR to dark wave and jazz. Their go-to products, Bumble Sea Weed Air Dry Cream and Grooming Cream, reflect their commitment to effortless beauty. Their passion lies in creating a comfortable space for clients, whether it's a lively conversation or a moment of quiet reflection. Helmet became their hair home thanks to Randy's dry humor and the creative freedom afforded to stylists. With a hidden talent for invisibility and an affinity for feline independence, Rain embodies the essence of a cat graceful, enigmatic, and utterly captivating. In the realm of hair, Rain is a beacon of authenticity and effortless style.

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