Rylen Langley

Core Stylist

Introducing Rylen Langley, a multifaceted Gemini with Leo and Libra influences, raised in Morrow, GA. With a background from Southern Crescent, Rylen specializes in vivids and razor cutting, bringing their artistic flair to every client. Inspired by the iconic Baddie Winkle, Rylen's style is as bold and colorful as their personality. They take their coffee with sugar and cream, fueling their creativity as they listen to Drum and Bass on their way to work. They are a fan of Starbursts and the movie Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Rylen's favorite product is Aveda Air Control, perfect for keeping their creations in place. Outside the salon, you might find Rylen indulging in their hobby of painting or enjoying live music. A standout moment in Rylen's career was styling their wife's hair and makeup for the SEHA awards, showcasing their talent and passion. Their values of honesty and empathy shine through in every client interaction, as they strive to find a shared vision and create meaningful connections. At Helmet, Rylen found a home where they are truly seen, valued, and supported in their growth. With a team that embraces their individuality and values their input, Rylen thrives in an environment where they can be their authentic self.

"It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed" - Ram Dass

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